Time is not a chronological concept. It is more temporal or even spatial. The present may be one chronological second or day. In that respect it is an individual’s self-reference to space and time I think. One can see time as a barrier. I choose to see time as a resource – opportunity. So long as non-chronological time is subjective, there cannot be wrong or right time. I would like to see time as the opportunity to learn (or unlearn the past in fact) manage what i can’t control in the present, and create the future

The present is all we have. The past is a cumulative outcome of decisions of the then present. The only thing we know about the future is that it will be there. Our role and place in it will depend on our present decisions and actions. Or then it is just there for us to dream.

Do we control or manage the present? We can probably not control the external landscape of the present. The things we relate to and identify with- culture, climate, politics etc. These we have to manage. But can we control the things that are internal to us? Yes we can control our actions, reactions, emotions, self-motivation etc. And these are the ones that really matter

I think that we do know that the future will be there. Unless of course we take a ultra-religious view that the universe as we know it will end one day. But that’s a different story. Though we may not know of the state of events and our role in it, with or without us, that future will sure be there. Our positions, events relative to the present may be perceived to have changed in the future. Sure. But that is mainly based, in my opinion, on how we deal with our present. Its like our position in the constant future depends on our actions today. Thus the future as a concept will be there. How we embrace it depends on our present disposition.

As a social scientist, I agree that there cannot be one truth. Our version of the truth (at any time t) depends on our worldview. Though we are sociological beings, we are also individuals first; not mechanical, but individuals that bristle with pride, emotions prejudices etc. all which feed into our perception of events. I also believe that life is a journey through knowledge, and what keeps us alive is our ability to learn and unlearn from past experiences and be able to talk about them. Would they necessarily reflect on our future? or even help us understand the present? In reality I believe that the self (inner self) is capable of doing that. Are we always able to do that? Definitely not! And why? Because we are immersed in a social system that tends to make it difficult for us to even see ourselves without reference to people, things and events. These tend to cloud our ability. A lot of noise. That is why individuals need help; to navigate through all the external noise; to find themselves again. at the end of the day, individuals have to make the decision about their present and the future. The meaning of time is indeed subjective but achored to not only when we know we are alive, but anchored to the self- the physical, the emotional and the cognitive.

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