A selected list of organisations Foster serves as a Board or Executive Committee Member

International Council on Badges and Credentials [ICoBC]

ICoBC is a network of educational, corporate, association and government organisations with the
goal is to develop and facilitate best practices on badges and credentials regionally and globally. Our community is collaborating on the following areas:

  • Designing Badges & Credentials (Curriculum, Testing, Verification)
  • Deploying Badges & Credentials (Internal Marketing, Practices)
  • Technical standards on inter-operability between systems (LMS, TMS, external platforms)
  • Taxonomies and matching with official certification schemes

AfriProspect GmbH

AfriProspect GmbH is a group of experts on African innovation and impact investment in African businesses. The company provides strategic support and facilitates win-win business partnerships between innovators, corporates, female entrepreneurs, investors, and innovation ecosystem enablers. Capitalising on its expertise and high value network, AfriProspect fosters the growth and the scaling of African innovations and mobilize investments for impactful and sustainable African female-led businesses.ShEquity’s purpose is to provide smart and sustainable investments for African women entrepreneurs and innovators, the key driver of inclusive socio-economic growth. We facilitate access to a pool of de-risked deals to investors and empower female entrepreneurs with financial resources and operational support needed to unlock their full potential.

Future Tech Lab, University of Turku




The Future Tech Lab is a  state-of-the-art Remote Presence space for international collaboration in the creation of future technologies with industry and through distance education. Currently the renovations and technological developments are in progress and the facilities are only partly complete. In addition to a dedicated high-speed internet link between our Namibia Campus and Turku, the rooms will be equipped with:


  • a live 3D capture system by surrounding the space with movie quality cameras
  • Immersive and directed ultra-sound audio for precise noise control
  • a top quality video wall at 8k resolution to give a “window” experience
  • 3D microphone systems to capture voices from specific locations
  • Augmented Reality head sets to experience people from the other side


The Namibia Campus hosts a wide range of research activities along with our new Future Tech Lab which provides the remote presence link back to Finland.



Social Enterprise Incubation Program

The Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program (SEIP) supports supports social entrepreneurs on their journey from planning to implementation. The initiative is a global support network of social entrepreneurs and impact oriented businesses. SEIP offers peer support, mentorship, online courses, events and webinars, consultation services and a supportive community.

The SEIP Secretariat is hosted at the University of Tallinn, Estonia



AIMS Cooperative Education Steering Committee 

AIMS, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, offers an 17-month Co-operative Master’s Program at AIMS Senegal, AIMS Cameroon and AIMS Rwanda. This builds on the core AIMS Master’s Program and leads to the same AIMS Structured Master’s Degree in Mathematical Sciences.

Co-operative Education, or Work-Integrated Learning (WIL), is an approach to education that integrates class-based learning into an authentic, work-based context. It is a professional stream within the existing Master’s program that provides students with a combination of academic training at AIMS and ‘hands-on’ work experience in a professional work environment enabling them to develop valuable work skills and successfully transition from school to progressive careers.


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