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I am dedicating my week-ends to mentor and coach young innovators and entrepreneurs. If you are an innovator in Africa and you need guidance and suport or just to bounce ideas around please schedule a virtual meeting. Click on the “Schedule a Virtual Meeting” Link 

Technological Innovations in Africa – Looking Back to Move Forward

One cannot discuss the present state and future of innovations in Africa without first looking at the history of global technological innovations. In fact, to understand any society one must understand its history and geography....

My Africa- a continent on the move. But can move faster with innovations

I am conflicted by how Africans perceive Africa. Many times, as Africans we complain about how (especially) western media treat Africa as if it is one big country. Often some non-Africans refer to Africa as a country, when instead it is a hugely diverse continent...

It’s NOT Knowledge but Innovation that will Transform Africa?

To be able to take advantage of developments in  technological advancements, countries should be able to develop technological capacities (exogenous to business) that would enhance the generation, adoption and diffusion of new technologies. The good news for...

Innovations do happen inside big international organisations too

I was recently giving a speech on Innovation and Youth Entrepreneurship  at the Pan African University for Water and Energy Sciences in Tlemcen, Algeria when I was asked a question that shook my world.  I was so focused on sharing my experiences with young students of...

Towards a Global Agenda for Technological Innovations in Africa

Originally published in 2005, the article proposes a model for technological innovation in Africa that involves collaboration among key stake-holders (public, private, national governments, universities and research institutions and  international as well as supra...

Innovations in Africa: My Story of TaxiJet- the ‘innovative’ Uber of the Ivory Coast

You may probably have heard of the wave of Innovations in MobileApps spreading across Africa. You may indeed have heard of TaxiJet, the equivalent of Uber in the Ivory Coast. I congratulate the team that built the App and the good intentions of building a local...

5 Things I wish you this Christmas

It is that time of the year again.  Where people of christian faith the world over celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the time of year when people around the world wish one another well- keywords joyous, merry happy etc. I join the world community to wish...

Innovation and The Auto Industry in Africa – An Open Letter to Pastor Safo-Kantanka of Ghana

Dear Osofo-Kantanka, I hope this letter reaches you and finds you well. Apologies for using the open space to reach you. Thank God for social media. Let me start off by congratulating you and thanking you as well for the leadership you have shown Ghanaians over the...

Culture and Innovation in Ghana -by Joseph Quaye Amoo

In February  of 2012 I started an Initiative called Africa Works. It started as a hobby. Maybe a lite bit of professional interest. To start to see the other side of Africa and to recognise that looking at things differently Africans feel lucky and appreciate what we...

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Webinar with Students of the Pan African University for Water and Energy Sciecnes (PAUWES)

Support Services for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Building Innovation Capabilities of Africa’s Youth 


With insatiable passion for innovation, Foster supports young innovators and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. He believes that Africa needs capable, creative and passionate youth to help transform the continent.

Supporting Busines Development and Internationalisation

With a strong background in international business, combned with a deep undertanding of the African business environment, Foster provides advisory support to Africa-based firms and internatonal firms that seek to do business in Africa

Innovation and  Knowledge Dissemination

Foster is constantly seeking new  new knowledge that helps develop and integrate new solutions that help improve orgsational process and create benefits for society.Foster believes in applied research that offer practical output for solving societal problems.

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