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Welcome to my virtual world. A world where I share my options, perspectives and worldview especially on developmental issues in Africa. I believe that it is only through creative thinking, innovation and knowledge exchange that we can understand the causes of the development challenges in Africa and find creative solutions.

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On Thinking

To understand a society’s state of affairs one needs to understand how individuals are trained to think. Although thinking is an individual intellectual process, I believe that it is also a social concept through which the collective thinking culture and style lead to different outcomes.  Africa has some of the finest thinkers, finest brains and some of  the strongest intellectuals.  The difference lies in thinking laterally or lineally.

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On Creativity and Innovation

Is creativity encouraged in African cultures? Are we encouraged or even allowed to think creatively? There have been a lot of discussions in Africa about the role that innovation could play in our economic and technological advancement. What is innovation really? What is needed for individuals, institutions and societies to innovate and grow?

Learning and Development

Committed to lifelong learning with the support of online tools. I have created an open learning space for knowledge generation and exchange on different developmental issues on Africa.

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Internationalisation of African Products

Supporting the internationalisation of indigenous African products by creating an online space for producers and buyers to interact. See and hear the real stories of the people behind the products.

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The Africa that Works

Africa Works : Every effort counts. Sharing the balanced stories of Africa. The Africa Works initiative was conceptualised in 2011 with a view to creating a knowledge exchange space to share views on Africa.

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